Probate Investing 101
Written by Adura
By now you should know that the life-blood of your business is marketing. Wholesaling is all about being a lead generating machine. This brings us to the topic of marketing. 

Marketing starts with a List. One of my favorite lists to target in "Probate". These are folks that are in charge of an estate. An estate comes into play after a person has passed away. If this person had assets, then an estate needs to be probated. This is the act of declaring the persons assets, paying off their debts, and liquidating assets. 

For our wholesaling purposes, this is interesting when the deceased person owned "real property". This is interesting because in alot of cases there is some kind of distress involved in these transactions. 

An example of this is when the person in charge of the estate lives in a totally different state. Imagine your uncle passing away in Wyoming, but you live in Baltimore. Yet you have the task of taking care of his estate. You have your own home, a family to take care of, bills etc...and now you've got to navigate the probate process in Wyoming. 

You have no plan on moving to Wyoming. Also your uncle had debts that must be paid. What's the next logical step? Sell Uncle Charlies house, so you can pay of his debts and be done with the headache. 

This my friend is the ideal probate lead. Someone who simply wants to get rid of this property that they don't even live in or have any emotional attachment to. 

Adura Sanya

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