The Proper Way To Build a Buyers List
Written by Adura
One of the Biggest Mysteries about wholesale real estate: Do i go after deals first or do i go after buyers. This topic has been debated over and over. The reality is both are important. It's not a competition. We need deals just as much as we need buyers for those deals. Let's discuss the proper way to go about building a buyers list. 

1. Auctions: This is a great source for real-life active buyers in your local marketplace. They are literally coming to the auction check -book in hand ready to bid on distressed properties. Show up and tell them that you have access to off market deals. Then get their number and email address.

2. Real Estate Meetup Groups: This is another great source of buyers. Alot of buyers show up to the real estate focused events to network and look for more deals to buy. 

3. Other Wholesalers: If your new to the game, a great outlet to move your deals is other wholesalers. These are guys/gals that are actively doing business already. For a fee, these folks can move your deals pretty quickly. 

4. Real Estate Agents: Agents are also a great outlet to get your deals sold. Many agents have been in business a long time. Thus they have build great relationships with many investors. 

Adura Sanya

Adura helps people start and grow successful wholesaling businesses. He is an expert at helping people get deals by teaching his 3 Department Framework and making it super simple to understand.
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