A Seller Called In!...Now What??
Written by Adura
Sooo you've gone out and done some form of marketing. Maybe you put up some signs, did some direct mail, put up flyers etc. Congratulations! You've done more than most aspiring investors. Now the phone begins to ring. What now??

Many people think all you've got to do is go out and deploy some marketing...and deals will magically appear. Unfortunately that's not the case. You're not the only guy/gal out here marketing to sellers. 

To be honest with you, there's even more competition out there now. This places even more emphasis on the Sales side of your business. As soon as the phone starts ringing, you are now on the acquisitions side of your business. 

The first part of acquisitions is understanding how to actually talk to sellers! This is likley the most important convo you'll have in your business. Don't fumble! 

On this first convo you need to be able to 

1. Build Rapport With The Seller
2. Collect Information about their property
3. Look for possible pain points
4. Install Confidence

Remember, as your talking to the seller they will also be making a silent decision about whether or not they will do business with you. You have to sound very confident, warm, understanding, but at the same time still control the conversation. 

Adura Sanya

Adura helps people start and grow successful wholesaling businesses.  He is an expert at helping people get deals by teaching his 3 Department Framework and making it super simple to understand.
If you're interested in starting your own wholesaling business or scaling up then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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